Micro Puls

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MicroPulse is a laser delivery modality that adds fine control of photothermal effects in laser photocoagulation. In conventional photocoagulation, the temperature rise for an intended intraoperative endpoint is controlled by adjusting the power and the exposure duration of the continuous-wave (CW) laser emission.

With MicroPulse, the steady CW emission is ”chopped” into a train of short laser pulses, whose ”width” (”ON” time) and ”interval” (”OFF” time) are adjustable by the surgeon. A shorter MicroPulse ”width” limits the time for the laser-induced heat to spread to adjacent tissues, thus providing fine control of energy delivered. A longer MicroPulse ”interval” between pulses allows cooling to take place before the next pulse is delivered.

MicroPulse (low duty cycle). Very little thermal spread can occur due to the extended ”OFF” time between each MicroPulse. Tissue is allowed to return to baseline temperature before the arrival of the next pulse.

MicroPulse (medium duty cycle). Doubling the ”width” of the pulse, doubles the energy deposited, increases the heat spread during the ”ON” time, reduces the cool off time, but can still avoid cumulative thermal build-up.

MicroPulse (high duty cycle). More energy is deposited with more thermal spread during the “ON” time and some thermal build-up due to the shorter cool off time before the next pulse.

CW Pulse (100% duty cycle). The thermal rise and re-equilibration can only be controlled by adjusting the power and the exposure duration of the CW laser emission.

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